Ted’s Woodworking Plans – A Look Inside


You must have heard about Ted’s Woodworking plans as this woodworking resource is growing very popular. I will share some information about Ted’s Woodworking plans like what’s included and give you an overview of the member’s area and its different sections. The information shared here might help you regarding the product.

Sometimes you want to build something that you don’t find in retail. At the same time buying new furniture and other wooden stuff can get very costly at times. Therefore, building own household wooden structures at home according to the custom requirements, need and convenience is suitable for many people.

That’s where woodworking plans like Ted’s Woodworking can help by offering a large number of Woodworking do-it-yourself projects. It claims to have 16,000 woodworking plans but frankly speaking, I think It would be very difficult to count that number but it surely has quite a big number of woodworking plans included in the program.

The program provides guidance to its customers related to woodworking plans that help the users to create different DIY woodworking fixtures. Ted’s Woodworking has instructions that can help its users to build their own wooden structures.

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What Comes In The Program

  • 16,000 Woodworking training and tutorials
  • DWG & CAD plan viewer that enables you to view plans from different angles
  • Woodworking guide comprising of over 200 pages
  • Book on How To Start a Woodworking Business
  • Woodworking Videos
  • Free monthly plans

Ted’s Woodworking Member’s Area

Once you get the plans you have access to the member’s area and you can easily navigate within the entire program. On the left side, you can see the navigation menu (see in the image below). From the menu, you get different options like Main Woodworking Plans 1 and Woodworking Plans Part 2, etc. Inside the member’s area, you also get the option to order DVDs if you like. Otherwise, you can keep using the default program.

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Different Categories

As there are many plans, they are organized and separated into different categories. Some of the categories include Sheds, Chairs, Desks, Boards, Cabins, Doors, etc. It has more than 100+ Categories that are organized in a particular order. As a beginner, you should start with simple projects and learn the basics of woodworking. Once you master easy things you can then move on to more advanced and difficult woodworking projects.

Videos Section

The program also offers a collection of different woodworking videos that are categorized under different categories. Users can navigate inside the videos section and watch different woodworking videos depending on which project they are working on.

PDF Guides

With the videos section, you also get a collection of different woodworking PDF guides that have guidance and instructions about different woodworking projects in Ted’s Woodworking. These PDFs are a good resource for the users as they have images, measurements, and different types of images from different angles of products that make things easy and enable the users to follow the guidelines properly when building different things. With that, project drawings, schematics, details of angles, corners, and joints are also included. Free lifetime membership updates are also part of the plans.

What Users Have To Say About Ted’s Woodworking

Here is what people are saying about their experience with Teds Woodworking Plans. You can also read more here.

Willie H. “Loving the plans. Got lots of different ideas and inspiration. I’m sending a photo of a bed frame I did for my daughter!”

Perry C. “I recently got Ted’s plans and it is packed with thousands of ideas. I would love to have had these when I first started woodworking.”

Seth H. “These are awesome stuff! The plans are easy to read and understand for some like me. Plenty of detailed instructions making it easy to learn the techniques that I am struggling with.

Eddy L. “I downloaded the plans 2 days ago. There is enough variety of projects in here, big and small, intricate and simple.”

Michael D. “I Got the entire package yesterday. The amount of plans is mind-boggling. It looks like I will have many years of projects to have fun with.”

Final Thoughts

I hope this information helps you as I have given you an overview of Ted’s Woodworking and have also shown you whats’s inside this woodworking program. Ted’s Woodworking has managed to attract a large number of people since its creation and still continues to do so. It is also one of the largest collections of Woodworking Plans available.

It has many woodworking designs that can be made by people after following the guidelines mentioned in the program. Anyone who is interested in woodworking can benefit from Ted’s Woodworking guide.

Follow the steps mentioned above and Avail The Exclusive Discount.

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