Phonics Games and Activities for Preschoolers

What Are Phonics?

Before knowing about phonics games and activities for preschoolers, it is important to understand what phonics really are and why they are important to teach to little ones. At its core, phonics is just the letter sounds and these play a vital role in learning letters and their sounds. For example letter “B” sounds “Ba Ba” and the letter “C” sounds “Ca Ca”. When your child knows these sounds, he can easily learn and recognize the letters. The whole process is about associating sounds to letters so that your kid can know their pronunciation. This not only helps in reading but also helps in writing. In order to teach reading, you can also take help from a complete phonics system based on phonics awareness.

Phonics Games and Activities for Preschoolers

Different games and activities make phonics learning easier for kids. As you have an overview of phonics now, have a look at some Phonics Games and Activities for Preschoolers.

Phonics Cards

You can get letters sound cards, animals, or things cards. The main thing is that your child knows the initial letter sounds of the animals or things whichever you get for this activity. Ask your child to pick a card and then pick the starting letter card and also make its sound.

Same Things Sounds Activity

In this activity, you have to take some things which start with the same letter like a ball, bear, and a book. Keep all the things together in a bag or in some other thing like a basket. Then ask your child to take out one by one and speak out the name of each thing. Once he takes out all the things you should then ask him to tell the initial letter which is common in all the names of the things with also the sound of the letter. Similarly, once done, with the letter “B” you can repeat the activity with other letters for more practice.

Phonics Games

You can find plenty of online phonics games on the internet. Download the good ones that have received good feedback from its users and then play the game with your child. Some of the phonics games are,

  • Deep-Sea Phonics
  • Phonics Picture Matching
  • Phonics Hangman

You can also play these games online.

Phonics Apps

Just like the games, phonics apps are also a fun and good way of learning phonics. You can download phonics apps on your phone for your child. They are interactive apps having colorful graphics that attract kids. This is why children love these kinds of apps having graphics which makes them attractive.

Similar Words

In this activity, you can choose a word and then pronounce its sound. Ask your child to tell at least two things which start with that letter. Here the important thing to know is,  you can do this activity if your child already knows the names of some basic things just like a ball, cat, dog table, etc. Therefore, this activity might not be suitable for too small kids.

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