How to Teach Clock Reading to a Child

how to teach clock reading to child

In this article, I will share how to teach clock reading to your child. As your child grows older, you feel the need to teach your child different things and clock readings one of the important things your child should know when he gets to a certain age. The key thing is to make the process easy for your child to understand. The following steps can help you in teaching your child clock reading.

Give a General Idea About Time to Your Child

Firstly, you need to explain and give a general overview of the time. You can break the different time segments in an easy way. Like morning time or breakfast time, Afternoon or lunchtime, evening time can be associated with dinner time, and similarly, midnight time can be associated with sleeping time.

Explain the Clock Hands

The next step is to explain the hands of the clock. Explain your child the difference between both the hands. Your child should clearly know which hand signifies what. At this step, you can also briefly explain about hours. Like when the small hand is at 5, it is 5 0’clock. With that, you should also explain to your child about the minute hand of the clock briefly. The breakdown with much more details is explained in the next step.

Breakdown and Explain the Minutes

The next step is to explain the minutes in each interval. Breakdown the total minutes and explain how many minutes are in each interval of 5. Moreover, after explaining the 5 minutes intervals, you can move on and explain the minutes in each quarter. Once your child completely learns and knows about the hour and the minute hands, you can move on to the next step.

First Demonstration

Now, you are ready to give the first demonstration to your child. Just move the clock hands to a certain position and tell your child what time it is. Then similarly, show some more examples. After doing some practice, once you think that your child is picking up things, you can ask your child to tell the time. See if he tells correctly. Likewise, give some more time examples to tell.


The final step is practicing. You need to practice till the time when your child develops a clear idea about time and whenever you ask the time, he tells it correctly. Make some mock-up situations. Change the clock as some clocks have different designs.

Thumbs UP! 

Your child now knows how to read a clock and can now tell you whatever the time is.

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