How to Teach a Child Alphabet Recognition?

how to teach a child alphabet recognition

Teaching a child the alphabets is the key and primary thing to do when you initiate the process of teaching reading. Alphabet name and shape recognition is important as in this way only your kid will learn the alphabets and speak the right ones when you ask him to tell which letter is this? In this article, I will share some techniques and ways that can help you learn how to teach a child alphabet recognition.

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Start with Capital Letters First 

Starting with capital letters first is an easy way. This is because visually, capital letters are more definite and easily recognizable. This makes them easy to remember and recall by your child. Once your child completely recognizes all the capital letters, you can move on to the small letters.

Poems and Sounds of Alphabet

Kid’s exposure to the alphabet’s sounds and poems can also be a good way to teach alphabets. There are many resources online that you can use and also download on your phone or computer. When your child hears the poem and sees the visuals containing alphabets, he can gradually start to memorize the alphabet’s shapes and remember their names. Apps can also do the job. Search for alphabets apps and you will get a few options to choose from.

Use Alphabet Puzzles

Different types of puzzles have always played a critical role in different types of learning especially for children. Alphabet’s puzzles are also one of the key elements that can teach alphabet recognition to a child. Therefore, you should get the alphabet puzzle for your kid and let him or her solve the puzzle. You can sit with your child and speak out the letter loud when your child solves the puzzle. This way your kid can also learn the names.

Alphabet Games

As we are living in a digital world, we should fully utilize and make the best use of technology. Children today are exposed to mobile phones from a very early age. They watch different types of videos like cartoons etc and even play some of the mobile games. Why not download an alphabet game and let your child play that. Of course, you will have to help your child. The whole idea is to expose the child to the world of characters.

Ask your Child to Pick a Specific Alphabet

This is the last step and you can do this when your child starts recognizing the alphabets. This step is more related to practice. So, once you are sure that your child is now able to recognize alphabets, for the practice you should get some plastic material alphabets and spread them on the table or put them in a basket. Then call out an alphabet and ask your child to pick that up. By doing this you will also get to know how well your kid is recognizing the alphabets. Repeat this a few times a day as it is a good way of practicing and learning.

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