How to Improve Your Child’s Reading Fluency

How to Improve Child's Reading Fluency

Parents always want their children to read fluently right from an early age. How good your child is at reading all depends on the reading skills of your child which can get better with time with more practice. First of all, it is important that your child has developed strong reading basics, as after that building on the basics gets a lot easier. On the other hand, if your child struggles with basic things with respect to reading, fluency in reading can take time and more practice. If you are interested in a program that can help you and your child in reading, have a look at Children Learning Reading.

Let’s see what are some ways to improve a child’s reading fluency.

Address the Trouble Areas

Is your child having trouble reading? Some children struggle and this may be because of a few difficult words that are not easy to pronounce or it can be due to anything else. You need to get to the root cause of the problem and address it. Solve the issue and then see the reading progress. Monitor your child while he is reading and take note of difficult areas. Analyze and this will make things easy to address.

Reading Level 

This is also an important factor. You need to make sure that your child is reading books and material of his level depending on the age and reading skills. If the text has difficult words that are not easy to read especially at a young age, it will cause fluency problems. Therefore, choose the right books for your child.

Read Aloud to Your Kids

When you read with your child, you should read aloud so that your child also listens. With this, your child will try to set a standard and will mimic you next time when he reads. It also helps in improving the reading style of your child, as he takes your reading as a standard to follow.

Make It a Fun Activity

Reading should be a fun activity for your child only then he would take an interest in reading and will read more frequently. Now there are plenty of things that you can do to make this activity more fun and interesting. Starting from getting the books for your child, that your child loves, using digital interactive reading material, giving your child small gifts on improvements and the list goes own. Just try to think out of the box that how can you make the process more attractive and you will be able to list down a lot of ideas.

Group Reading

Group reading always produces better results and it can also improve your child’s reading fluency. You can make pairs and then ask your children to read aloud. With this, they will not only learn with each other but also help each other in different ways. You can also evaluate the reading fluency and progress of your children.

Using Audio Books 

As it is famous, if you want to be like someone, follow what he does. Similarly, listening to fluent readers and trying to follow them also helps in becoming one. Therefore, you should take help from audiobooks and your child should listen to them more often.

Practice Practice Practice 

Cant stress more on this. One of the basics and the most important factor. Only the reading practice that your child does will make him a fluent reader and with time he would be able to overcome all the reading issues. Reading practice should be done on a daily basis and you should make a reading routine for your child.

Devoting a reading space and creating the right environment also helps. You can plan small things like making a reading corner inside your kid’s room or in some other room. It is surely a good thing to do.

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