How to Build Your Child’s Reading Confidence

How to Build Your Childs Reading Confidence

Reading fluency is very important for kids as this enables them to do better at school and also later throughout their lives. Therefore, it is important to build the reading confidence of your child right from an early age that can help in developing proficiency in children reading. In this article, I will share some simple tips about how to build your child’s reading confidence and develop their interest in reading.

Appreciate and Praise

This is one of the most important things when you are teaching your child anything. You should always appreciate and praise your child whenever there is a small or big improvement or progress. This builds more confidence in the kid and due to the appreciation your kid receives, your child will try to do a lot better next time.

Make It a Fun Activity 

Children are always looking for fun ways and moments and due to this, they take more interest in different things which makes them happy. You should make reading a fun activity for your child so that your child always looks forward to it as he would love that. It also depends on your way of teaching and methodology. It is also important to include some good interesting activities with reading material.

Look for Unconventional Ways

Books have been and will be the most important teaching material but you also need to focus on the other methods and be more creative. These days there are many ebooks, apps, and games that are about reading and you can take help from them. This will also make the whole process more enticing for your kids. Children love graphics and colors. Apps and games that are specially designed for kids have appealing graphics in them. Therefore, you should definitely try these and see the response of your kid.


Show more love and affection to your kid. While he is reading, you should discuss different things which could be pictures, images, etc. Laugh and be friendly throughout so that your kid feels comfortable. When your child sees that you are always there for him, this builds affection and a strong bond between you two. You should always try to make this bond stronger.

Don’t Force

Forcing your child and being harsh is the last thing you want to do. Sometimes, you will feel that your child is not willing to read or is not following your instructions. Don’t lose your temper and give your child more time and respect. Try to convince him by building his interest in reading. Show affection just as mentioned in the above point.

Two is Better Than One 

If you have more than one kid, then reading in pairs and reading together is a good thing to do. You can give your kids different things to read and then evaluate. Group reading always produces better and fast results. One more thing that you can do is arrange a friendly reading commotion between your kids. This will make both of your kids to do well and win the gift and surprise if you have decided and made it the part of the competition.


For parents, it is important that their child reads well right from an early age. This is the reason why parents are concerned and are looking for different ways. It is also important that your child has confidence and in this article, I have shared some of the ways that can help you to build your child’s reading confidence. Lastly, feel free to comment below and tell your experience and also share the reading progress of your child.

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