Free Reading Websites for Kids

Free Reading Websites for Kids

These days, as the internet is accessible to everyone even the kids at home use the internet for various reasons like for fun, playing games, streaming videos, and keeping them self busy in other stuff. Parents also want their children to get involved in different educational activities right from an early age. In this article, I will share some free reading websites for kids which can be helpful for your child as it will also provide an opportunity to involve themselves in reading activity and enhance reading skills.


Starfall is not just a website but it is also an educational foundation and a non-profit organization. They create free and low-cost different materials for children. Kids can also use this website for reading. They use techniques like positive reinforcement that helps children to become confident and successful. The founder of the site has also mentioned his history that he struggled to read in his childhood and how he developed Starfall.


ABCya is another reading website for kids. Their strategy is to make educational activities fun for kids as kids like these types of things. ABCya has more than 400 educational games for children ranging from 6th grader and below. The site uses different games for teaching purposes and that is ultimately to make different activities fun for kids. Different games are segregated depending on grade and subject. Visit ABCya.

Storyline Online

Storyline Online is also an award-winning children literacy program. It has online videos having celebrated actors reading books of children. You can visit the website here and learn more about Storyline Online.


From its name, it is self-explanatory that Storynory uses different stories for kids. It is based on the free audio podcasts and websites with audio streaming. You can visit their website to learn more about Storynory.


OxfordOwl is another reading website for kids. They have mainly divided the website into two segments. One is OxfordOwl for school and the other is OxfordOwl for home. If you select OxfordOwl for home, you can find a free ebook library, activity books, different articles, storyteller videos, and more. Apart from reading, you can also find learning stuff related to other subjects like Maths and English.

Fun Brain

Fun Brain is another website that has games, reading stuff, and videos of children belonging to different grades and ages. You can also check this kid’s phonics reading program. Fun Brain site also has a complete collection of different reading books for kids. Definitely, a good site for parents to keep their children busy and learn at the same time with the help of different fun to do activities, games, and reading material.

That’s a Wrap! 

These were some reading sites for kids. In order to learn more about these sites, you can visit these websites and check further details. Some of them can very useful for kids in terms of reading as they have fun games and activities for children to keep their interest and they could also read at the same time.

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