Children Learning Reading Review – Is It Worth It?

You must have heard about Children Learning Reading as this kid’s reading program has attracted many parents and that’s why they are now interested in the Children Learning Reading review. This is a researched based review of the Children Learning Reading plan. The program now is used by more than 216,000 happy parents. In this article, I will share information and give an overview of the Children Learning Reading program. Let’s see what it offers, and how much value it is providing to parents. Also, see what program users and children learning reading reviews and feedback tell us about this step-by-step reading guide after using it. 

children learning reading review

Do you have a child who is struggling with reading? Are you thinking about how to and what are the best ways to teach your kid to read whether online or offline? Or how to help a child struggling with reading? Children Learning Reading is a reading program for kids. Phonics reading programs for kids, toddlers, preschoolers, and struggling readers can be one option to teach and help your child in reading. Just a quick finding here, according to studies and research on the reading skills of children, kids who learn to read right from an early age develop a better vocabulary with time, have better general knowledge and become fluent readers.

Teaching Kids How to Read

Parents might have to go through various struggles when it comes to teaching a child to read. For example, some kids are slow starters, so it can be hard for them to learn alongside others. This is the reason why they need special assistance. On top of that, some children struggle to read themselves.

Even some parents struggle with the idea of helping their kids how to read therefore, they are in search of solutions and the right methodology that can assist them in helping their child to start reading. Sometimes parents also don’t know how to get started or how to teach their kids to read.

Have a look at some of these comments of parents on Facebook (Names have been hidden due to their privacy).

children learning reading program review

Watch Free Video On How To Teach Your Child To Read

Looking for or finding a way to teach a child to read at home can be very tricky and confusing. At first, it sounds challenging to start this process yourself because you want your child to have a smooth and efficient learning experience, and you might not be able to provide that.

This is the reason why many parents depending on the age of their child search online for things like, how do I teach my child to read or how to teach a 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 years old to read. Similarly, teaching my four or six years old kid to read, and the list goes on. For some parents, the reading skills of their children are important things, and this is the reason why they work on improving these skills in their children from an early age. 

There would be many programs online or offline which are about teaching a child to read and children learning reading is one of them. Let’s see what it offers to parents.

Children Learning Reading

What is Children Learning Reading? At its core, this is a reading program for children, preschoolers, and kindergartners with the help of which parents can assist and teach their children to read by using various techniques like phonics. The program is based on phonemic and phonic awareness instructions.

Children Learning Reading reviews

Children Learning Reading program is all about enabling kids how to read in a simple and fun way. So a program like this can sometimes make a huge difference. It’s safe to say that with the right approach and a fully systematic strategy, you will be able to make things easier for your child to learn and this will make the entire experience very enticing and rewarding. The fact that kids also get to spend more time with their parents is a good thing for them and the parents both!

As the program relies on phonemic awareness, it can be one of the effective methods you can use for kids to learn reading as this can develop speech development early on. The program can be suitable for children in the age group of two to six years old who have started speaking.

How a Reading Program Can Help You

Good reading programs can help you teach your child reading and in developing the basics so that your child can start reading. Some of the ways in which reading programs can be beneficial are,

Well Structured

Good reading programs are very systematic and well-structured. They have a complete learning plan, strategy, and methodology having a step-by-step approach and techniques to make learning easier for kids. Starting from the very basics and gradually moving on to the advanced level.

Learn at Your Own Pace

With the help of these programs, children can learn at their own pace whatever you teach them at a particular stage. As a parent, it also gives you the opportunity to evaluate your child’s progress and can decide when your child is ready for the next lessons. This gives you and your child more freedom.

The Mind Behind Children Learning Reading

Jim Yang Children Learning Reading review

Children Learning Reading is created by Jim Yang, a veteran reading teacher by nature. He was always focused on the idea of helping kids learn how to read, and that’s when he started to research this topic more and more. The Children Learning Reading program is the result of his research after many years of figuring out the best methods by which parents can teach their children how to read with great efficiency.

Initially, Jim created the Children Learning Reading program for his own kids so that he can teach them reading. After seeing its success, he then decided to share it with other parents and help them with his reading program. It also shows that he has a passion for helping others so that other people can also teach their kids to read.

Jim Teaching His Own Kids to Read Using Techniques Mentioned in the Course

When choosing a program it is important to check its reliability. The thing which builds more credibility and trust about this course is that Jim taught his 4 kids to read using these methods before they were 3 years old and he included and incorporated the ways into the Children Learning Reading training that you can see today. 

At first, it was hard for kids to understand the phonemics, but he modified the program a bit to make things less rigid and easier to understand. Once he did that, everything went smoothly and it really showed results. Jim, then decided and thought that he should also help other parents who have children and are looking for information or solutions regarding how to help a child who is struggling with reading.

Learning Progress of Jim’s Kid Ethan, After the Lessons

Here is a video of Jim with one of his kids, Ethan. You can see his progress of Ethan in reading after the lessons.

Children Learning Reading

Who Is The Program For?

The Children Learning Reading program is for parents who have children aged 2 years to 8 years who have started speaking. Parents who want to teach their kids how to read and for struggling readers to enhance their reading ability. At the same time, teachers can also use this program for their students and use the resources in the classroom.

The program is step-by-step and available in digital format. As a parent even if you are new and you don’t have any past experience of teaching kids how to read or helping struggling readers, you can follow the step-by-step lessons included in the program and you will see the results.

What Does Children Learning Reading Offer?

The Children Learning Reading course is based on a system which is known as synthetic phonics. This technique focuses on building the foundation of phonics by learning phonemes with the help of different fun exercises and ways to become fluent in reading.

Children Learning Reading offers two main stages. Both of them are designed to help you learn how to teach a child to read. The first stage is simpler having basic things just like by its name, it has 32 lessons and then there is the second stage which has 33 lessons. So, in total, the program comes with two stages having 65 lessons and some other resources which are attached as bonuses and other learning material, all of which are designed to provide value to parents in teaching their kids reading.

review of children learning reading

The program is available in a digital download format. It includes PDF ebooks for the teaching manuals, lesson printouts, lesson storybooks, mp3 audios for the phonics sounds, and also videos. The program also requires complete parent involvement and as a parent, you have to teach the lessons to your child. 

Moreover, In the child’s developmental phase, the child’s brain is set to learn a lot of new stuff, and things that can work incredibly well. As you teach different skills to your child early in his/her life, this will help your child quite a lot. He will have a much higher confidence level, and on top of that, his attention span will improve resulting in learning new things quicker and faster.

The following are further details about the stages of Children Learning Reading as mentioned on the program site.

The Two Stages – Stage 1 and Stage 2

Stage 1 is Phonics Foundation and stage 2 is Advanced Phonics. In the first stage, you will help your child build a basic reading foundation so it can help in developing the foundation. In stage 2, you can use the reading skills developed during the first stage and improve on them. The phonics foundation has 32 lessons just as mentioned earlier.

Some bonuses which are also part of the program are Lesson Stories for Stage One, and Lesson Stories for Stage Two. Letter Sounds MP3 Audio Clips, The Most Common Sight Words, and Children’s Favorite Nursery Rhymes. These are the details about the Standard Package. The good thing is, whichever package you choose, both Standard and Premium packages come with lifetime updates.

Phonics Foundation – Stage 1

Here is the table of contents of the Stage-1, Phonics Foundation of the program.

Children Learning Reading content review

Children Learning Reading program review

Both stages Stage 1 and Stage 2 are designed very carefully and in a planned manner. Stage 1 is all about learning and understanding the letters and their sounds as this is a stepping stone and the primary step when starting to learn how to read. Various rhymes and activities are also part of this stage. Moreover, it has basic and easy words that children can learn seamlessly. As the lessons progress, words become more advanced. At the end of this stage, your child will be able to recognize and read small words and sentences.

Stage 2 is completely based on building on the skills your child already learned in Stage 1. It includes more advanced letters, complex words, vocabulary, and sentences. Stories and activities in this stage are more difficult than in stage 1 so that your child fully learns all concepts. After completion of stage 2, your child can read more fluently and efficiently.

Children Learning Reading – Pros and Cons

  • Course Has Many Success Stories
  • Jim Used The Techniques Himself to Teach His Son Ethan To Read
  • Fun Way of Teaching Kids How To Read
  • Comes In an Instant Digital Downloadable Format
  • Don’t Need Internet All the Time To Access Program Material
  • Risk-Free Purchase
  • You May Also Need To Print Some Things For Kids
  • No App Version

How Much Time Does It Require

This also depends on the individual and the progress. The lessons in the program are short. You can give around 15-20 minutes daily to lessons which is quite easy and manageable. Jim understands the fact that young children have very short attention spans so the program is structured in a way that has short and productive lessons.

Moreover teaching reading to children should be fun and not something that children are not comfortable doing or get bored with. Therefore the program is designed in a short and sharp format that attracts children’s interest and at the same time has very effective learning techniques.

Is This Program Also for Struggling Readers?

Yes, the Children Learning Reading program is also good for struggling readers or children who need extra help and assistance with regard to reading. The program is based on scientific techniques of phonics and phonics awareness which is a proven and great learning technique for reading.

Moreover, the teaching methodology used in the course is also good which makes the learning process easy, enjoyable, and fruitful at the same time which is ideal for children and parents who are looking to teach their children to read.

Features and Benefits of the Program

  • The program can enable you to teach your child to read
  • Helps in building confidence in children with regard to reading and learning
  • Based on proven learning-to-read techniques
  • Enhances kid’s reading performance
  • Short, smart, and purpose build lessons

Children Learning Reading Support

The program also offers very good and responsive support to its customers. If you have the program and have any questions, queries, or need any help regarding the children learning reading program, you can contact the support. Moreover, you can also directly get in touch and reach out to Jim through email or on social media pages which is also a very good thing.

Children Learning Reading Review – What Parents Have to Say?

Following are some Children Learning Reading reviews and feedback from its users. These are taken from the course site. You can read more here.

Diane C., Irvine, CA. “Now at 2 years and four months, he can read an entire book by himself! He is reading at a 2nd-grade level! At our church school, his teacher was amazed”.

Vanie. N. “Before we started she only knew the letter alphabet, not the sounds. After 3 weeks she started reading already and we’re very happy about it. She always loves books and now she loves more”.

Renee, “The final result turned out to be an absolutely great success!…such a smart way to teach children reading, and the phonics you teach through your program is the most thorough and practical way – and it is easy and fun to learn”!

Casta M. “My son will be 6 in July is responding to the lessons with amazing results. Seeing him struggle with his homework is the reason why I choose to buy the full kit, and oh boy, money well spent”.

Martha B. “We started your program about a month before he started kindergarten, and I’m just amazed at how fast he’s learned to read in a short period of time. I wish I would have discovered your program a long time ago”.

Parminder S, Surrey, BC. “Jim’s program takes the mystery out of teaching children how to read. My older child is in grade 1. The teacher said her reading and writing are beyond grade level. My 4-year-old in preschool reads several books a day on her own”.  

Some more Children Learning Reading plan reviews of users from social channels.

childrenlearningreading reviews

jim yang children learning reading

reviews of children learning reading

It is crucial to focus and to choose the right strategy with the help of which you can make reading easier for kids as with this, they will be able to grasp things seamlessly and much faster. 

Getting Started – Program Packages

Following are the options available if you want to get started with Children Learning Reading.

Phonics Foundation (Stage 1) with Extra Resources

You can get started with stage one, Phonics Foundation first with additional resources. As only stage one is included, its price is also less. If you want to start low, you can start with this option and once you finish Stage 1, you can get Stage 2. The details of what you get with this option are,

  • 32 Phonic Lessons
  • Flashcards and Lessons Printouts, ready to print
  • Lesson videos
  • MP3 Audios of Phonic Sounds
  • Lesson Activities and Storybooks
  • Phonic Games
  • Nursery Rhymes

The demonstration videos have Jim Yang himself teaching reading to his own child through the lessons in the course. This also gives you a chance to see the effectiveness of Jim’s program and you can also exactly watch and see what to and how to teach children or struggling readers to read. As a parent, by watching these demonstration videos of Jim, you can also learn fast the right methodology and then teach your child to read accordingly with the right approach.

Standard and Premium Packages:

You can also get the option of getting Standard or the Premium edition that has the 2 stages, Stage 1 and Stage 2, Phonics Foundation, and Advanced Phonics included in it with other learning material. Check the details of Standard and Premium Packages.

All the options come with lifetime program upgrades.

Final Thoughts

Every parent wants to help their child if their child struggles to read at an early age. In this article, I have shared information about one of the reading programs, Children Learning Reading created by Jim Yang and his wife Elena. 

Children Learning Reading user reviews, testimonials, and feedback show that this learning reading program has helped many parents to achieve their goal which is to teach their child how to read and that too at home. As mentioned before it has helped more than 216,000 happy parents till now and continues to do so. I hope you found the program details and the information in the article helpful. Celebrate the progress whether big or small when your child is learning to read no matter by whichever way or method your child learns to read. Appreciation is the key here.

Lastly, If you want to get started with this program, you can get it at a very affordable price, click here to check the exclusive price and details about the Children Learning Reading Program and grab your copy. 

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