Activities for Children Reading

Activities for Children Reading

Various types of activities are a fun way for children with the help of which we can teach kids different things. This is because they not only enjoy taking part in these activities but also fully involve themselves.

If your child doesn’t know to read and you are thinking about teaching him or her to read, you can check this Children Phonics Reading Program that can help you in teaching your child. The following are some activities for children that can help you enhance the reading skills of your children.


A word board game in which children can also learn reading and learn new words by making combinations. This game is one of the best games that children should play as this game has multiple learning benefits for kids. You should definitely get this word game for your kids.

Matching Sounds with Letters

In this activity, you can list down the letters in one column and different sounds in the other column in random order. Then, your child should match the letters with the right sounds. After that, you should check if the matched letters and sounds are correct or not.

Spelling Activity

Another activity for kids which can help them learn spellings of different words. This activity is quite a basic one. To make this activity more interesting for kids, you can download an app on your phone or tablet. There are many apps available that are related to spellings.

Reading Games

Reading games are also a good way of learning. Some of these games have very attractive graphics in them and this is the reason why kids take deep interest in them. You can download some of the best reading games on your computer or phone and let your child play it. Some games will also have well planned and structured lessons that can speed up the learning process.

Reading Cards

This is another reading activity. What you can do is prepare some cards at home that have alphabets or some basic easy words on it. With the help of these cards, your child can learn. You can start with alphabet cards and once your child learns all the alphabets, you can move on to word cards.


There are always toys available with the help of which children can also learn while playing at the same time. Getting some words or alphabetical blocks is a good idea and you can get these toys for your kid. Your kid will not only play with these toys but also learn reading simultaneously.


These were some activities for children reading. The whole idea is to make the learning process interesting, easy, and fun for kids so that they take full interest in these activities with full involvement. If you plan to try these activities or have tried them before, do let us know. Finally, you can also check the kid’s program shared above in the article.

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